In these days, the moon passes from the sixth to the ninth house of the horizontal horoscope. Any thing that has been stuck for a long time in the middle of the week will happen. In the last days, stars can put you in a strange situation. This week you have to make some big decisions too. Some of your decisions will be right. All the week you will be in excitement. The idea of ​​real estate or house may be sharp or there may be a change in the existing house. All in the job will be normal. Your trends may increase toward new technology. Old hurdles can end. Stuck work will also become. The week will start peacefully. Social work can be done. You have an impact on enemies. In these days you can be some sensitive and emotional too. Friends will also get support. In the last days of the week, there can be a hostile situation. You can feel yourself insecure too. You may be sad even at some point. Focus on your health.

By improving the position of planets this month, there may also be good changes in your financial condition. Old disputes or paused workings can be completed in these days. The way forward can be found in career. There can be a mood to make big changes in the job and business. There is the sum of the paused money received. This month you can win the enemies. In these days, you will try to increase the income which will increase your problems, but you are more likely to get success. You can make a plan to invest in movable and immovable property. Be careful about child's health. Mama or Nanihal party may have to spend time in the functioning. Can also make some special decisions. You also have to be careful about your own health. There is a possibility of getting beneficial advice or help from people in far away places. The mind-set of the people will work in the mind. In addition, control your anger in Love Life and in your married life. Tension can increase in relationships.

Sa, c, da, su,

For the people of Aquarius, life is about to be cut in happiness, but there will be a need to remain vigilant regarding wealth. Therefore, take decisions by thinking in terms of money. Hard work to succeed will not turn back. At the same time you will find new sources of income and you will be able to save money. You will be responsible for your family responsibilities. This year, your horoscope is the sum of many distant trips and these trips will be of benefit to you. Assistance of Seniors at the work-site will be received. Transfer of planets is telling you that you will be praised for hard work at the office and promotion will be rewarded with good salary as reward. Interest in spirituality will be awakened. Your stars say that this time is also good for your father and siblings. All types of investments will give better results. The opponents will be defeated by you, and if you have any kind of debt, then you will get rid of it. You will feel healthy during the whole year. The yatra of a distant journey is going on in connection with the work, and it will give you good results too. Children's performance will be excellent in studies. This year you will get health benefits. However, do not take any carelessness towards this health. In the economic sector, you are the sum of the benefits of getting money. Your spouse or love is the sum of the favorable lives. Also, control your voice. Care should be paid to the life partner on this occasion. If you talk about love, then you will spend a beautiful moment with your partner and you will try hard to understand each other. Students will have to work hard for a better result. Children's studies may be interrupted for some time. In this way, increase their morale and talk to them with love. Let's know in detail what your stars say in 2018.

You and Your Family Life

This year will be good with the family for the Aquarius amount. You can provide an illustration to your old plans this year. This year, you will do all that you can to fulfill your desire and you will also get success in it. This year you will do something that will prove to be a stone for milestones for your life. There can be a debate over land and property with younger siblings. Control your anger and avoid giving instant feedback. Relationships with mother and father will be normal this year. Conflicts between family members may be beneficial only in discretion. You can increase your family's liability. You will spend the wealth of your father for the sake of your business or your pleasure. Family Relations will be sweet. Mithas will remain in your marital life. You will continue to enjoy the marital life. This year Negative Urja will not be seen even around you. Occasionally there can be disputes in the family, but you can avoiding them with your understanding. Control your anger between March to April. For some time in marital life, there may be stress related to something. If you talk about the health of the parents, the health of the mother is good, but you have to take care of the health of father in mid-January and from May to mid-November. Brothers and sisters will get support and relationships will be good with them, but you will have to refrain from believing immediately on new relationships. Your tendency towards religion will increase. In the period of January and February, the spouse will get the support of the spouse. Can plan for excursions with family members and friends. This will give you an opportunity to come closer to each other. Pooja will be organized at home during the period from October to December. Children's mischief can disturb you during this time. At this time they can be irritated too. So keep their full attention. Children's health will be good.


This year, the health of the people of Aquarius is good and there is no possibility of any serious illness, but this does not mean that you carelessly. Pay attention to the routine and eat food on time. Due to the engagement of work in the period from April to September, there will be a decrease in sleep and there is a possibility of an abdominal disorder. So eat food on time and take a lot of rest. Avoid hanging out unnecessarily during this time. There is a possibility of injury. Be careful while driving between May and November. Also avoid eating junk food and chilli-rich foods. Exercise regularly and do yoga. Take special care of health in the month of December. People suffering from chronic disease will get relief at this time. There may be a complaint of pain in the teeth during the new moon day or full moon. Try to stay healthy with your mind. If Saturn's condition is undergoing intervention, then avoid using it. Otherwise it will have an impact on health. You have to be careful while consuming fluid because you are afraid to be infected, so take care of purity while drinking water, milk and juice. It is a good idea to add exercise to your daily routine.

Economic condition

You do not need to be overly troubled in this year's wealth matters. Still it would be worthwhile to be patient with your partner. Well you may sometimes need to borrow money sometimes. Do not waste unnecessary money. Help others but according to their status only Hard work will definitely give you results. Incoming money will be good and your life will be pleasant, but better management is important. In this period, you will recover from old debt. At this time you will get many golden opportunities that you should be prepared to take advantage of. Some new sources of income will also come out, but there is a possibility of loss of money till March to July so be careful. In the middle of October, income can be reduced. So do not take any decision in haste. If your business is connected to art, designing, fashion, architect and export, then there will be huge profits.

Career status

According to scholar, if you are a job seeker, then this year is not less than a gift for you. In this period, you will work hard and the seniors will appreciate your work. Salary will be promoted with good growth. This year you will be fully dedicated to work with positive thinking. There will be a good position at the workplace, although you have to stay away from the disputes in the office. During this time you will take new responsibilities and this will increase your abilities. Keep the relations with the Seniors good, because there is a possibility of a small dispute. Your decisions made wisely will give you results. This year will be auspicious for you in terms of business. The zodiac lord Saturn is in a sense of profit. This situation is going to provide benefits in business. It may be late but not evil. If you are doing some work in partnership then be a little careful. Avoid futile controversy. It is good to work patiently. After the month of September, master of money will also be in karma place, hence the sum of money benefit is being created. You will earn unlimited wealth through your business. Your business will increase. Yoga is the sum of foreign travel in the period from November to November. Some trips are also possible with work. Be careful in the January to March and at the end of December, because at this time you can be aggressive and angry. Yoga for peace. If you have a business of yours then this year is going to get unexpected profit. In this period, you can plan for expansion of business, although you will also need good money for it.

love affair

According to Panditji, you will get mixed results in 2018 love case. During this time some fluctuations may also have to be faced. There may be some differences in the beginning of the year, so avoid discussing small things and try to understand each other. Take control of your anger and think before you speak. Before reaching any result, think about the result. Take care of one another's health. Those people who are lucky and looking for companions, their wish will be fulfilled this year. In the end, for years, this year is going to be one of the hardest years for love relations. You will have to go through many challenges, but after some time everything will be okay automatically. Just a little caution is necessary. Suspicion to the partner-Avoid suspicion.

What to Do Do not

After eating in the evening, give the bread to the dog and start the morning by touching the feet of the mother.