Story writer of Srimad Bhagwat and Ramcharit Manas
  • fast
  • Emergence
  • marriage
  • Homestead
  • shop
  • Office Muhurta
  • Abhishek
  • Durga Puja
  • Akhand Ramayana
  • Naval peace
  • Vehicle (architectural prevention)
  • Not getting success in business
  • And Satya narayan narrative
  • Film serial success
  • Relationship to interruption in marriage
  • For happiness
  • To attain Lakshmi
  • For the prevention and prevention of any work, by our methodology here Horoscope is created by computer such as Hindi, Marathi, English etc .. And it is seen that all the hindrances are taken fairly simple.
  • And in any demanding work, please contact the following address for worship, chanting, havan path etc.


Pandit Vijay Kumar

A Trusted Name for all Types of Vedic Rituals and Religious Ceremonies. He provides all kinds of puja services depending on your personal requirements and needs, in a manner as propagated in our shastra. He also provides astrology, matrimonial and ritual services in accordance with the Indian traditions.

He follows the principles of Vedic Dharma in performing Puja, Havan, Yagna, lent. His ritual services aim at providing devotional and spiritual peace, happiness, wealth, health, prosperity and holistic peace to one and all. He knows all about the planetary effects and the entire birth chart.

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