In these days, you may have any ambition that you have been thinking about for a long time. The position of the moon will be good at the beginning of the week and in the middle. Conflicts with brothers and friends can end. Will get more respect from hard work. Interest in literature and art will grow. This week, you do not share any secret talk with anyone. Work can also be done in the office too. If you do any work on the strength of determined determination in these days, then you will be successful. Unemployed people can get a job. Yoga is being used to meet old friends and relatives in the last days of the week. Your health can also improve. take caution. Can go on a trip with the family. Parents can get help. Control your speech.

Be careful in matters of money and property this month. Avoid loan or loan to anyone. This month is not right to make big investments. Do small transactions and try to increase savings. Employers and businessmen will not be able to get the fate of luck in some cases. You can not get help on time from your brothers and friends, your mood may get worse. This year, the confusion of some old disputes can also increase. In health matters you have to be careful. Probability of neck, neck, tooth and nose related problems are becoming more. There can be major changes in love life and conjugal life. You can change your thinking about certain people. This month you will look for new ways to increase income. You can also create the desire to invest new and large to increase savings. Before taking big decisions, consult an experienced person.

A, k, ku, d, g, k, ho

What is the horoscope of the Gemini zodiac? In the beginning of the new year, the Guru will be the Libra, after which the Guru's transit will be in Scorpio in October. Shani Dev will remain in the sagittarius year. Rahu and Ketu will be the whole year in Cancer and Makar respectively. The fastest planet Mars will be in Libra by January 15, followed by Scorpio in March 7. After that, Sagittarius will remain in place till 2 May. After this, staying in Capricorn till November 2018, will travel in the Aquarius zodiac on December 22.

In the same way, other planets will also communicate in all the zodiac signs. And its effect will be right for you for a short time. My effort will be to put as much light as possible on all aspects of your life so that you can get help in making future plans.

You and Your Family Life

Your family life will be good this year. Relationship between husband and wife will be strengthened. But do not think that only love will be love and mutual attraction. You will spend the majority of the year together. To make a happy married life, learn to value things of your life partner. Stay away from negative thinking. Your relationship with mother will be stronger. But it is possible to climb up to the relationship with the father. But in the end, they will understand you. The full support of the brothers will be received.


This year can be a health-related offense. If negligence is done in health, then it is also suffering from prolonged illness. Wife's health concerns will remain in the middle of the year. Which will end by August. Carefully take care of mother's health from parents, there may be some major problem in the lower part of the navel of their body. So do not be lazy to show your attention to your health or you may even be dead. Special attention is needed for food and drink.

If Saturn or Mangal's direction and Mahadasha are in progress then this year should be more cautious. There may be some problems in liver and gustanga. Any part of the body can grow upset by developing (growing). You may also need surgery.

Shoulder, back and back pain can also have some problems. Regular yoga and meditation will benefit you.


This year is going to be good for you in wealth matters. You will get more benefit from your expectations. Money related issues can arise in the middle of the year. But at the end of the year you are likely to get special benefits.

This year, the Rahu planet will remain in your marriage for the whole year. Therefore, investing money only by thinking of a little thinking, otherwise Rahu can get harm to you. Judgment decisions will give you far-reaching beneficial results.

Having a strong financial position will increase your self-confidence. Lure of getting more money can also be harmful to you, so patiently exchange exchanges.

Career status

In the coming year, the owner of your karmas will remain in the fifth place till September, and after that, from October to sixth, will go. The vision of the master will remain on karmas, therefore, after the month of September, the youth who are looking for a job will get a job. But in the job you will have to work hard and you may have to work after the job but do not need to be afraid. After some time everything will be friendly to you.

This year will be very important for the businessman. Interest can be benefited. Working in partnership can benefit you. You are going to benefit from various sources of wealth. Sometimes there may be problems in the middle of the interconnected dispute, but there is no need to panic. It will be all right to work patiently.

This year is very good for those who are working in the field of advocacy. If you are involved in the field of Doctor, Education and Management or your money is invested in this area, then there is the possibility of getting good income.

Love Life

The people of Gemini are happy. This year will be very good for them. Your wish is going to come true. If you love someone, then with your lover, you are going to get full pleasure. If you want to get married then you will be able to put your marriage in front of everyone in the family. Therefore, there is no scope to express your love. If you are married then the situation of uprising will continue. If you give love to a wife with devoted devotion, then all the problems will end automatically. Respect the life partner's feelings. The end of the year will be a little fragile for your relationships. Having patience, that time will also come out or else you can also sing with your partner.

What to Do Do not

First you set your goal to succeed.