If you were upset in the last few days, now you will get relief. You can also get opportunities to change your career. Income can also increase this week. Success in collective works will be achieved. Knowledge will increase. There will be any tension in the beginning of the week. There may be tension over anything. If you do not pay attention to those bad thoughts, then you will be good on the coming days.

Those who have Aries will have to be careful this month. Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu can cause fluctuations in your life. The stars will stay in your fever for 10 days of the month. Do not try to make major changes in your work with Aries in this month. Big reversal of money cases may also be in these days. People who are employed and businessmen will feel insecure in many cases. Any unknown fear will remain this month. In case of money, you have to be careful. Do not trust anyone with your eyes closed. Avoid making big investments. In the case of love life, most of the month will be in your fever. Just do not over-over your partner or lover. Heart patients must be careful in the early days of the month. For patients with blood pressure this month may also be troublesome. Do not care about health matters this month.

Di, Dee ,Du, Doo ,Tha ,Jha, Ja ,De, Day, De ,Do, Dau ,Cha ,Chi, Chee

Pisces Horoscope For 2018 In A Nutshell. This year is, as per Pisces horoscope 2018, expected to stay average for sensitive Pisces people. A good management is needed to get better results. During this time, you need to be more careful about your health. Some serious health issues may trouble you especially till October.

You and Your Family Life

Your life partner would extend best of his/her efforts to support and help you, says astrology for 2018. You both are likely to share a very good bonding during this period. Also, you both are likely to cooperate with each other and feel intimacy in your relationship.


For health, this year will be normal. Even if you can get sick, you may get complained of joint pain. There may be some problems in sexual problems, joint pain and lower parts of the body. According to Rashif, during the autumn of 2018, your most attention should be increased towards the family. Whatever your reason for disappointment, you will always get help and new energy when surrounded by close people. Apart from this, due to Mercury in Scorpio amount, there will be a positive effect on your ability to assimilate information. As far as you are concentrating, no obstruction will appear very big. You will probably also feel curious. You will not have trouble talking about those topics which are considered prohibited.

Money yoga

2018 Astrology Money Forecast For Pisces. This year is expected to stay average at financial front. There are possibilities of both profit and loss during this period. However, you may get ample of opportunities which might beget beneficial results.


During 2018, you will make money with your hard work. You are expected to get support of your higher authorities but they might keep a check on you throughout the year. So, be careful.

At work, natives of Pisces zodiac sign need to be more focused especially during April to September. Throughout the year, a hectic schedule might keep you stuck and you may become workaholic. But after October and things are likely to move in your favor.

love affair

Considering your love life, this year you are likely to get mixed results. You need to stay cautious during this period, because chances are high of some misunderstandings around this time. So, be careful with your words otherwise wrong speech may ruin your your relationship.

What to Do Do not

Worship Lord Rama or Lord Vishnu and offer him yellow Chandan (Sandalwood).