Moon moves through its own Sign Cancer, as the week begins. This is going to keep you in a mellow mood, most likely sticking to the home front. However, Moon gets aspected by the inimitable trio of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. These 3 together itself is a shaky picture – and its effect on Moon i.e. your mind is going to leave you confused and restless. At one point, you may wish to simply chill out, while on the other, you may be filled with a strong urge to break boundaries and march ahead towards your material goals. Physical stamina and energy are high; direct this restless force towards something creative, says Ganesha. Or, sweat it out at the gymnasium. Travel will be fruitful and relieving. You remain motivated to perform well, and the monetary gains in the second half buoy you further. Distractions galore, though. Bones or teeth issues, or calcium deficiencies may assail you.

With Mars now in your Sign, you will be full of steam, thanks to a positive planetary exchange. Progress is on your mind. A promotion or salary hike is likely. Also, be prepared for an assignment - for which you may have to shift base, at least temporarily. If all else is stable, focus on self-growth. Also, spend some time with the love of your life – but go slow when it comes to commitment in a new relationship or finalizing the wedding date. For these things – wait till the month’s latter part – says Ganesha. Meanwhile, Mars may make you aggressive or hasty. Don’t let these trifles cast a shadow on the happy times. 5th and 6th bring you some out-of-the-blue fortunate encounters. Happy? So, don’t hesitate in translating this in your work performance and drive, when stars demand a little extra on 7th and 8th. Ones studying may find themselves at a crossroads, confused between the paths of scholarly studies or the professional roads. Give it time, and the answer shall manifest itself, says Ganesha. Short term travels for work or business are likely, though you may not be happy with the immediate results. On 10th and 11th, temptations lure you. Do you want to give in – well, you are the best judge! 12th through 15th is all about family and home. It’s your time to show how responsible you are – or can be. Gains and income are routine, but your mind may be full of hundred ideas. Wait for a good time to put them on paper – and then into practice. Listen to your heart – and home affairs – on 19th and 20th. 21st is the day Venus comes out of combustion. Work is activated, and so is romance and pleasure. Ones planning to fix their marriage or propose to a sweetheart shall have the cosmic nod. Sensual and hedonistic pleasures too may be on your mind. But, watch your health and diet. 26th is a day when you don’t wish to go outside – your inner realm calls out to you, and you give in. But, don’t go too deep, especially if you suffer from depression or negative thoughts. Towards the month end, you are back in your elements – ready to sweat it out. Travel will be fruitful and relieving. Distractions galore, though.

Yo, Bhe, Bhu, Dha, Pha, Dha

Life seems to be cruising smoothly, and there seems to be no challenge in your sphere of activities, whether you are a businessman or a professional. This makes it an ideal time to think out of the box and come up with novel ideas to not only add to your knowledge and qualifications, but to also think of practical ways, whether to make more money or make faster progress up the hierarchy of the place where you may be working. However, the planets indicate that you will avoid taking any undue risks and will play for stability instead. Your tendency of only looking at the brighter side of things may give you a shock when you are forced to look at the darker side, so Ganesha advises you to develop the ability to look at both sides of the coin, which is anyway a more judicious and practical way to live life. On the home front, you will have to be more flexible and tolerant with your family members. Travel is on the cards, and will most surely widen your circle of contacts, but how productively you make use of them is entirely up to you. Take care of your health and finances, though nothing negative is foreseen.