For those who have Taurus, these seven days will be mixed. Be careful of your freedom. Personal life can have a fluctuation situation. This week you will benefit from your contacts and relationships and you will also be proud of them. Do not borrow money from anyone or expect them. Keep in mind the elderly. Do not make any new changes in business or job this week. It would be better to keep walking as it is going on. Thoughtful work can be completed at the beginning of the week. Business will benefit. The time will be good for the students. Some work may worsen in the middle of the week, but it can be completed by the end. Any good news can also be found. Due to excessive work, there may be ideological differences with the people or families around them.

You will get money in the first 15 days of August. In many cases of job and business, luck will be found. Paused money can be found. Important issues related to the property are available this month. Since August 15, you will be benefitted from the influence of Rahu-Ketu and Sun, but the cost can also increase. Workers and business people can change the way they work or you can get some new work. Apart from this, this month can be good for you in case of health. Enjoyable physical changes can also be experienced in these days. Concerns about father's health will remain intact. In these days, old controversy can surely grow slightly. You have to be a bit cautious. This month can be called good for love life and for the life of a couple. Lover or life partner can help you.

E, U, A, O, W, V, Way, Wo

This year is going to be auspicious for the people of Taurus zodiac. This year your financial condition will be better than ever. In 2018, negligence towards health can be very heavy on you. This year will be normal for students. Consistency in marriage and love relationship will remain intact. Also, this year you will also get some new income paths. According to the horoscope 2018, your earnings will increase after the month of August.

Education and Career -

For the students this year is going to be very good for you. This year, your fate will also be with you in the field of education. This year you will find many positive changes. The lord of Taurus zodiac is Venus, so you will be very lively with creativity, enthusiasm and enthusiasm this year.

Economic condition -

According to the horoscope 2018, financial advice is advised to be cautious this year, as this year you can increase the cost of your spare. In this case, in the case of economy, this year will give you mixed results. Your profit master is in sixth house, so there may be some obstructions in the medium of profit. Vision of Saturn can interfere in wealth accumulation. It is possible to worship God and worship Saturn Saturn Pantant in the neck.

You and Your Family Life

Your family life is going to be normal in the new year. You will be playing an important role in maintaining the atmosphere of affection and cordiality with all the families of the family, in the presence of Guru Ashtesh, you will enter your marriage from October. At this time, take care of the family with the wife and worship the guru Yantra, please do the husband wife, Taurus For Saturn being a yogic planet, in the eighth house, it is in the heart of a female caste to keep it in good harmony with the mother. Maternal health can be bad. After marriage, there is no good time for the wife. Health can also be bad and both of you can fight for thoughts. So if you put yourself in their place and think about it, then you will decide on the benefits only.


According to the Taurus Horoscope 2018, this year you will have to take care of your health in case of health. In case of health, avoid any kind of negligence. Along with this, pay special attention to your catering as well as at the proper time. This year will be normal for you from the point of view of slavery. Due to the vision of Saturn on the second house, there may be pain or burning sensation in the head and eyes. Be especially aware of health in the months of March and September to December. At this time, kidney etc. can be affected by the disease. You may also have a throat related complaint. Pay special attention to your diet. Pooja of the Total Disease Equipment / Mahamrityunjay Yantra / Survival Tool.

Love and marriage: -

According to pandit nm shrimali ji, this year of 2018 is less than a gift for the people who love this year. This year you will spend a lot of time with your partner. This time is also suitable for those people who want to bond their bonds in marriage. If you like someone and want to propose them, then this is the right time. Similarly, in the months of January, May, October and December, the Nokhjok fight with love is a feud, it is possible, if you do not take any tough decision, then there can be trouble. To fulfill your wish, you should embrace the Vashikaran Yantra, worship the marriage barrier machine.

What to Do Do not

This year's original mantra is that the more respect you give to the wife, the more you will be able to grow you worship the Vishnu Lakshmi statue.