The beginning of these days will be with the benefits. In the beginning of the week, the benefit of moon rotational horoscope will be in the price. Paused work can be completed in these days. Land, building related expenses Do not expect much about home and house. Try to walk as far as possible, in the manner described. You have a lot of new ideas, but they can also be harmed. This week you have the sum of good money gains. The information that you had been waiting for a lot of time, this week you will be suddenly and possibly unknown to anyone. You will get the chance to contact big people. You will also realize that your intentions are somewhat impractical. At the end of the week, serious decisions will yield great results. Respect the elders, then the family will remain peace. There can be ideological differences from father.

Money can be stopped this month. Sudden money is likely to profit. There is also the possibility of job-makers and business people getting promoted. Relations with officials can improve. New people can be in business. According to hard work your income and benefits can increase. Old investment can get money. There may be some fluctuations in health. Do not ignore small physical discomfort. Focus on these physical changes and get timely treatment. This month will be good for you in case of Love Life. More time with lover will be spent. Time is also auspicious for you in case of married life. The expenditure is likely to increase in the last days of the month. There may be some wrong investments in which your money can get stuck, but your income will not decrease. Enemies can win. If the court is going on the case then the decision is more likely to come in your favor.

Tow, Pa, P, Pe, La

Virgo is going to be beautiful for the people of Virgo. You will feel a lot of positive changes. In 2018, your life will also be seen going on a new path. In other words, according to you, your life is going to pass. Thanks to the hard work you will get better results.

From the beginning of the year, there will be mixed results in the respective areas of work and business. Mercury will get news of the prosperity of the child's side due to its relation with Panchamesh. There will be success in the counterparts. Growth in related areas of livelihood will be after hard efforts. There may be minor obstacles in the related work of art, education, production of film production. Health will prove to be good in early days, but in the middle of the month of April to mid year, there is hope for health. Clashes can occur suddenly with close persons. Mantra of mind and speech is necessary. At the end of the year, there will be success in service and work areas and in search of new opportunities. Your level of discretion will be high. Success in achieving congenial work in family life will be successful. Patience and courage will be expected. This year you may have to face health problems. Apart from this, students will need to work hard to get good results in the exam. However, financially this week is showing signs of optimism for you. Let's know in detail what your stars say in 2018 .

You and Your Family Life

According to the Fellows 2018 family life, you will get mixed results. There will be some bitterness in relationship with the family members and relatives concerned at the end of the life partner's cooperation. There can not be any prevention due to ideological differences. Children will need your pampering. Children may be disturbed due to health problems. There will be many golden opportunities to increase the social circle. Due to excessive work, you may be disturbed for a short period of time, although friends and family will be able to spend beautiful moments. By having Saturn in the fourth house, there can be a crack in relationships with the mother. Controversy is possible with property. You may have a loss in this dispute. That is why it is possible to leave the house, but if you stay on the path of justice you will win, otherwise the problem can increase. Your relationship with your father will be normal. A plan to go around with family can be planned. During this time it is possible for all the family members to meet each other. This will end the peace between the members of the family and the love will grow between them. During this you will be inclined towards God and religious activities will also be organized at home.


This year, the ups and downs of health will continue to exist if Saturn's condition or internal condition is going on, surely it will be sick and your problems will increase. If you talk about the health of the people of Virgo, then all the work of this year should be on one side and the health care should be on one side in the middle of 2018, there will be lack of enthusiasm and enthusiasm in you. And do not even feel in the work.

Can not refuse muscle trouble. Complaints of pain in the waist and thigh can occur. Going to the yoga and shelter of healthy diet, you can avoid these problems. Pay special attention to your diet. And exercise regularly. Apart from this, yoga and meditation can also be done.

Economic condition :-

You will be getting favorable in this year's financial affairs. By September 2018, the direct connection of the master is being made by money, that is, the gurus are located in your wealth, which are indicating the financial condition to be enriched. Traveling abroad will be pleasant and during this time you will get many golden opportunities. You will be successful in saving money, but avoid investing in risky cases. At the same time, in the middle of the year, planning to go on a picnic with the family can be. Invest in property and earn money from it. Any good work in the house can be spent. In the new year, there is the sum of buying a vehicle. If the master plan is going on, then the vehicle can buy. Jupiter is putting a vision on your karmic place, so the business will work well, it is natural to meet the benefits as a result. Because by September, the master is at your place of wealth, which is an indicator of good savings. The Guru is also your fourth person. Therefore, if you want to make any financial investment, you will also get favorable. Such signs are transiting the planet. After September, the vision of the master will be on profit margin. It is also a good condition. That is, overall, this year is going to be good for economic matters.

Career status: -

This year you are going to be good with business and business perspective, so you work diligently. People associated with journalism and electronic media will be getting benefits this year. Economic condition is going to be great. Your work will be fulfilled due to the vision of Jupiter's work place and will also give good results. This year you will get new opportunities in the job. If you are looking for a job, then this is a very good opportunity. You can get a new job and this Yoga has been created till October, so put your mind and money for the job. Success will be in your hands. If you want to change your job then you can change. Time is favorable for it. At the same time, the people of Virgo zodiac may be troubled because of not getting the fruits according to the hard work, but you are advised to maintain patience.

love affair

In the new year, the owner of the Love Quote will be in the second and third quotes, hence this year will be normal in case of love. There is a possibility of a difference with the partner. Due to misconceptions, there may be separation from partner. There may be some talk about something between you. It will be better for you to keep abstinence over your speech. Learn to control your anger and avoid suspicion - avoid suspicion. Be patient while talking to your partner and talk calmly. Well, such a situation will not stay for a long time. If the age of marriage is done then in that case the initiative taken after September will bring color. In years, beautiful yoga exercises and marriage are being created. If you are unmarried and somebody is interested in you then you can propose it. The good thing is that you will get positive answers too.

What to Do Do not

Offer water to the sun god and help poor people. Also worship God Ganesha.